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Benjamin D. Wagner (Artistic Director)

Benjamin D. Wagner has worked in the past decade as an in demand professional musical theatre actor, singer, musician and coach. Mr. Wagner has toured with or performed with organizations including the Children's Theatre Company of MN, History Theatre, MN Opera, Illusion Theatre, Dr. Mambo's Combo, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra and as a solo vocalist throughout the NYC region and in his home state of MN.

An active music educator and coach, Mr. Wagner has served for the past decade as a committed fighter for music education in the school system as well as coaching woodwind study, vocal pedagogy, jazz theory and piano technique and repertory. His theatrical teachings have allowed him to serve on the coaching faculty at institutions including the Children's Theatre, Youth Performance Company, Young Artist Initiative, History Theatre, Front Porch Musical Theatre, and the Mike Rizzo School of Music.

Mr. Wagner is thrilled to be back with SLL in his current capacity and is so excited to be seeing what is next for this amazing organization. Mr. Wagner currently lives in the Minneapolis area of MN, with his wife Katie and 2 daughters Grace and Ruth.